Wednesday, September 13, 2023

[389-users] Migration: importing an OU to a new instance

I've read this doc:

The export from server A to an LDIF file works and I've done some testing but it seems like the import feature always deletes existing OUs on server B that aren't in the exported LDIF file. Am I missing something? I'd like to simply get an LDIF of all the entries in Server A and populate only that OU in server B.

Related, this bit is bewildering
Optional: By default, Directory Server sets the entry update sequence numbers (USNs) of all imported entries to 0. To set an alternative initial USN value, set the nsslapd-entryusn-import-initval parameter. For example, to set USN for all imported values to 12345, enter:

I don't understand what this means or the consequences of taking the default or not. Server B is already in multi-supplier replication with other servers, so I worry about screwing that up with any import choices I might make.
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