Thursday, October 5, 2023

[Test-Announce] Fedora 39 Upgrade Test Day is underway!

Hey All,

As we come closer to Fedora 39 release dates, it's time to test upgrades.
Fedora 39 has a lot of changesets and it becomes essential that we
test the graphical upgrade methods as well as the command line.
As a part of this test day[0], we will test upgrading from a full
updated, F37 and F38 to the F39 for all architectures(x86_64,ARM,aarch
64) and variants(WS,cloud,server,silverblue,IoT).

We understand that upgrade takes time and testing if things work as
expected, takes more.
We will be accepting results throughout the weekend!

The results can be submitted here[1]

As usual, we hang out on the #fedora-test-day, should you have questions.


Fedora QE
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