Thursday, December 7, 2023

[389-users] 389-ds-base name log pipe problems


We are using 18 389-ds-base-,

Recently, one server (A) was set up to log to a pipe.

Afterwards, a phenomenon occurs where all server connections are occupied by an external system.

The external system has stopped.

After this incident, the servers returned to normal condition, but

Only server A had intermittent port 389 inaccessibility and delays.

After this, we determined that the problem on server A was due to logging in the pipe.

After changing the pipe to a file, I restarted the server.

After that the problem went away.

We want to know the exact cause of the delay and inaccessibility that occurred on server A.

How can logging to pipe affect directory server port 389 access?

Could it be a file descriptor related issue? Why were the other 17 servers able to recover to normal?

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