Sunday, December 31, 2023

[fedora-arm] Re: F38->F39

On Sat, Dec 30, 2023 at 4:31 PM David Legg <> wrote:
> Thanks, Gents. I used Peter Robinson's command (below) and it worked
> fine, performing the upgrade from F38 to F39 in about half an hour.

Good news.

> The only thing that 'broke' was gpiofind, which has disappeared. On
> closer inspection, it is not really needed in F39, but I did have to
> rework all my gpioset commands.

Yes, we moved to the new libgpiod v2, I believe the gpiofind
functionality was rolled into something else (the README or upstream
notes may help there).

> I noticed that commands of the kind,
> gpioset -p 5s line=0
> (to assert a line for, say, 5 seconds) do not really work. Such a
> command just asserts the line for ever rather than for just 5 seconds.
> The man page does say that the -p flag gives you "at least" the time
> specified, but just asserting the line for ever does not really seem in
> the spirit of the command (to me).

Interesting, may be worth feeding this back to upstream. Let me know
if I can help.

> Thanks for you help Brad and Peter,
> :D
> On 30/12/2023 13:21, Peter Robinson wrote:
> > On Sat, Dec 30, 2023 at 11:16 AM David Legg <> wrote:
> >> Is this likely to work, please?
> >>
> >> dnf install dnf-plugin-system-upgrade
> >> dnf system-upgrade download --releasever=39
> >> dnf system-upgrade reboot
> >>
> >> I have the Fedora 38 minimal installed on a Raspberry Pi 4 with a few extra packages. Thanks.
> > You are probably likely to be better off doing a distro-sync because
> > it happens online, the new rpm gpg process has issues with the rpi4
> > due to the lack of a battery backed RTC.
> >
> > dnf --releasever=39 --setopt=deltarpm=false distro-sync
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