Thursday, January 11, 2024

[389-users] Re: Solving naming conflicts in replicated environment

Sorry. I did confirm that the nsuniqueid of the bad replica's active entry is different from the other replicas' entries and I forgot to say that. (The conflict entry's nsuniqueid and the entries on the good replicas match, too.) Here are the entries, with names and crypto stuff redacted, but everything else verbatim:


My concern is that the access logs seem to contradict what Pierre said: that replicated deletes are basing the delete on the nsuniqueid. If I can get a confirmation that the logs are lying to me, that's fine. I just want to be doubly sure.

That said, I then have a concern about the group memberships on the conflict entry once it's renamed. I can't imagine that it will acquire the correct groups just by being renamed. Am I going to just need to fix that up manually? (That may be outside the scope of this mailing list.)
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