Wednesday, January 17, 2024

[fedora-arm] LVM configuration change issue - urgent

We have new additional business for our meeting today.

We had a long discussion about arm-image-installer and various issues with maintaining LVM devices.

As it has now become clear, all this is the result of an unannounced silent change in LVM, which has led to a drastically different behavior of the software.


Obviously with F38 LVM changed from searching all devices with pvs and vgscan to searching just devices listed in /etc/devices/system.devices it it exists. Even worse, the update using dnf upgrade plugin create that directory, but not the file, whereas a new installation also creates the file. This gives us two fundamentally different behaviors of the same release status.

In my opinion, this change would have required a change proposal and also a detailed explanation in the release notes. Unfortunately, that approach has led to considerable unnecessary and wasted extra work for many people.

Anyway, now we have to find a solution. The LVM behavior is apparently controlled by a parameter that currently limits the search for VGs to devices listed in the file in question. I suggest to change the behavior to search on all devices via Change Proposal, and thus restore the behavior of F37 and earlier.

There seems to be an option use_devicesfile in lvm.conf. Details in the bug report above.

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