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[fedora-arm] Re: How to install on soldered eMMC storage?

Am 09.02.2024 um 19:34 schrieb Jesús Abelardo Saldívar Aguilar <>:

El vie,  9 de feb de 2024 a las 11:52:21 AM, Peter Boy <> escribió:
My first idea was to first install on mSD card, boot, and from this repeat the installation with the eMMC target.

Which tool are you using to install the OS image to your media (mSD, eMMC)?


But this doesn't work at least with Server. It complains about duplicate UUID partition and  aborts.

What you can do is: Install an OS image to the mSD different from the one that you want on the eMMC (maybe use Fedora Minimal, or even a different OS), then boot from your mSD, and write your desired image to the eMMC using something like `dd`. This way would not be a duplicated UUID.

Thanks, that worked. I used Minimal raw-xz which thankfully doesn't start a graphical desktop and uses good old ext4 for everything (and different UUIDs of course).

Peter Boy

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Peter Boy

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Fedora Server Edition Working Group member
Fedora Docs team contributor and board member
Java developer and enthusiast

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