Wednesday, March 13, 2024

[fedora-arm] Re: Update U-Boot on Pinebook Pro ?


> > Hello together, hello Peter,
> >
> > I've on my Pinebook Pro U-Boot 2022.10.
> >
> > Howto:
> >
> > Does it make sence to update U-Boot to up2date Version from Fedora 39
> > (uboot-images-armv8-2023-07-3.fc39.noarch) ? Are there any significant
> > changes ?
> Whatever you decide, don't install 2023.10-rc3. It's broken. I still
> haven't found the time to disassemble my PBP and put it into maskrom
> mode to recover. I'll probably have some time next week and will try
> to install 2023.10 final.

So I finally got time to look into this on my PBP and what's happened
is they're moved the offsets the u-boot.itb needs to be written.

So if you do the following for the SPI flash rather than the previous
one it should work:
sf update ${fdt_addr_r} E0000 ${filesize}

A nasty hack that may work is if you use the spi-flashing-disk to
setup a mSD card with the same version that's on the SPI flash it may
boot with that to a U-Boot prompt to save taking it to pieces.

spi-flashing-disk --media=/dev/sda --target=pinebook-pro-rk3399

I am going to update the details in the blog post to cover this, also
we can likely now move to a single command for flashing a combined
blob in F-40. Note I've also discovered a bug in the U-Boot menu if
booting off NVME, I am looking into that currently.

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