Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Re: Yatta's introduction

Dear Yatta,

Welcome to the community :)

On Fri, Apr 19, 2024 20:37:22 +0000, Yattatux wrote:
> hello to the list.
> I'm Yattatux aka Alessandro and I've been using Fedora since 2012. I am
> a native Italian speaker and I know the English language.
> In my spare time I like to write (I write cyberpunk, weird and fantasy
> obviously in Italian language) and I use Fedora Workstation for all my
> workflows. I am very grateful to Fedora, the Fedora Project and the
> whole FLOSS world for the quality of its productions.
> So that's why I'd like to contribute.
> In the past I contributed as an editor and moderator in the Italian
> community of FedoraOnline.it headed by Robyduck, then the old team gave
> way to the new one and I left along with them... it happens.
> In the past I also wrote a short manual (in English language then
> edited and improved by a native English-speaking Fedora user) where I
> listed the installation of Fedora and useful software for the writer's
> activity (title of the book: Open Writing on Fedora 25).
> Currently I believe that contributing to translation is a good way to
> participate, a good way to bring those who do not understand English
> perfectly closer to reading the documentation.
> have a great day!
> See you soon.
> Yatta

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