Wednesday, June 5, 2024

[389-users] advice on 389 in production

Hello Everyone,

What operating system and 389 version is everyone running in production? We are finally updating our CentOS 7 servers in earnest.

We have almost 200,000 users and use 389 for our central ldap so stability is preferred over features.

Based on release dates I'm leaning toward version 2.x.

I've sent the afternoon trying to find packages for Rocky Linux 9 with limited success.

We switched to Ubuntu a few years ago so that would be my preference but I don't see packages for ubuntu and I'd prefer to now maintain my own packages.

Is Docker a viable option for a production install? I see there is an up to date image which I've been able to start but it appears to be 3.x (see above re: preferred production version).


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