Saturday, June 8, 2024

[389-users] Problem with SSL replication



I have three 389d server in MMR and I have a replication problem with one of them.


I’m unable to initialize the replication agrement over TLS with one server that is on a remote location. It works between the two other which are on the same location. I have the following line in the error.log :


[08/Jun/2024:18:03:20.648989852 +0200] - ERR - factory_destructor - ERROR bulk import abandoned

[08/Jun/2024:18:03:20.669025629 +0200] - ERR - bdb_import_run_pass - import userRoot: Thread monitoring returned: -23


[08/Jun/2024:18:03:20.669478537 +0200] - ERR - bdb_public_bdb_import_main - import userRoot: Aborting all Import threads...

[08/Jun/2024:18:03:26.577068783 +0200] - ERR - bdb_public_bdb_import_main - import userRoot: Import threads aborted.

[08/Jun/2024:18:03:26.577500221 +0200] - INFO - bdb_public_bdb_import_main - import userRoot: Closing files...

[08/Jun/2024:18:03:26.778812943 +0200] - ERR - bdb_public_bdb_import_main - import userRoot: Import failed.

[08/Jun/2024:18:03:26.845658223 +0200] - DEBUG - NSMMReplicationPlugin - consumer_connection_extension_destructor - Aborting total update in progress for replicated area dc=XXXX,dc=XXXX,dc=XX connid=22

[08/Jun/2024:18:03:26.847637329 +0200] - ERR - process_bulk_import_op - NULL target sdn

I have try to export/import the database and then activate the replication, it works for a few minutes and then it stops working. Initialising the agrement without TLS is working.

Version : 2.4.5-1 on OEL9


Nicolas Riss


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