Thursday, March 24, 2016

Re: Refresh Photos on Workstation Website

2016-03-24 17:19 GMT+01:00 Nadim Kobeissi <>:

I sincerely appreciate everyone's continued efforts on this. I've been using Fedora for 7+ years and it's great to feel like I can contribute.

I should apologize for coming off strongly, at first, regarding this issue. I was honestly just unhappy with the state of the photos. I want to be clear that I respect everyone's contributions to the project and the general collaborative atmosphere.


I guess we can push them with Alpha, tuesday 29th.

More generally speaking we have the images now since F21, that's some time ago and I mean also Server and Cloud. We could probably, aiming at F24 GA release, try to refresh the images to keep up to date. Promoting F24 and having a F21 background in the images is not really consistent IMHO.
If we want to do that we should take these task to Design ASAP, to give them enough time to produce them. Thoughts?

Happy Easter anyone.

Robert Mayr

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