Thursday, March 24, 2016

Re: Xfce on Fedora 24: Suggestions for Default Desktop

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On 03/24/2016 08:45 AM, Kevin Fenzi wrote:

>> 2) Replace the two bars with a unified bar at the bottom: The main
>> reason people still choose Xfce over GNOME is that it sticks to the
>> traditional desktop metaphor. As such, we should be playing to its
>> strengths. My suggestion illustrates a classic desktop style bottom
>> taskbar, notification area, launchers for common applications (these
>> can be changed, the screenshot shows my personal settings for the
>> launchers), etc. By adopting this style, we are maximizing the
>> efficiency in which screen space is used (helping solve problems
>> illustrated in (1)) while at the same time making the desktop more
>> familiar to newcomers and utilizing more of Xfce's strengths. If you
>> like, we can also add a Workspaces panel item to the left of the
>> notifications area.
> So we have had these sorts of discussions in the past.
> In the past we have just left things as the upstream Xfce default
> because everyone has their own opinions of whats best for them and it's
> very easy to customize things from a simple starting point.

I am personally in favor of leaving things as they are setup by
upstream. As it stands, Xfce is fairly easy to configure anyway
(although might be slightly daunting).

An alternative to setting up a default would be to include multiple
configurations in the Xfpanel-switch - which we are including by default
in the live images.

I would suggest taking a look at the available configs for
xfpanel-switch. If there are suggestions, I am open to including those
in the package.

> I do agree that the bottom dock interfering with the installer is
> something of concern though. Do you know at what resolution that
> happens?

I remmeber seeing this at 1280x800 on a VM I think ...

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