Tuesday, March 31, 2020

[389-users] Re: replication problems

On 3/31/20 1:36 PM, Alberto Viana wrote:
Hey Guys,


389 (master) <=> 389 (master)

In a master to master replication, start to see this error :
[31/Mar/2020:17:30:52.610637150 +0000] - WARN - NSMMReplicationPlugin - replica_check_for_data_reload - Disorderly shutdown for replica dc=rnp,dc=local. Check if DB RUV needs to be updated

Looks like the server is crashing which is why you see these disorderly shutdown messages. Please get a core file and take some stack traces from it:


Can you please provide the complete logs?  Also, you might want to try re-initializing the replication agreement instead of disabling and re-enabling replication (its less painful and it "might" solve the issue). 


Even after restart the service the problem persists, I have to disable and re-enable replication (and replication agr) on both sides, it works for some time, and the problem comes back.

Any tips?


Alberto Viana

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