Friday, March 27, 2020

[fedora-arm] Building fedora-arm images


I'm part of a systems programming group at the University of
Massachusetts Lowell.

We're using Fedora and Raspberry Pis as part of an introductory IoT course.

Right now we're using an install script to set up fedora-arm-minimal
images (found here:

We would really benefit from building our own Fedora 31 images for the
RPi as that would reduce a lot of overhead for us when testing, as well
as reducing overhead for the instructors and students when setting up
RPis for the first time.

We've tried image-factory, livemedia-creator, appliance-tools, oz... No
luck with anything yet.

We started this project in September 2019 and building custom images is
the one thing we have made no progress on.

I'm sure there is some known combination of scripts/programs, hardware,
and operating system that was used to produce the Fedora-Minimal images
we've been working from.

Is there anyone on this list that has that information or knows where I
could find it?

Thank you,


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