Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Re: giving people credit for their work

On 15/04/2020 14:43, Robert 'Bob' Jensen wrote:
> Good God find a new hobby. Why would you want to be part of a group that
> doesn't want you? This is why I left years ago.

Debian users are universally happy with the work done by volunteers who
were subjected to these experiments.

Looking after the users and wider free software objective is also point
#4 in the Debian Social Contract[1]. That is why we do free software
after all, it is for the users, not because we love the current leader
of any particular project.

The idea that people are unwanted is also false. These experiments were
done secretly, the vast majority of Debian Developers did not know that
Joerg Jaspert, Enrico Zini and Jonathan Wiltshire had pushed at least
three people out of the keyring in 2018.

About a month after the experiment started, I had lunch with Didier
Raboud (odyx), he was head of the technical committee, the second most
senior[2] position after the DPL at that time and he didn't even know
these people had been secretly removing volunteers from the keyring.

The purpose of these keyring changes was not to push people away: in
every case, they wrote that they wanted us to continue doing work on
packages. They were using this secret shaming experiment to try and
control us, keep us out of elections, etc.

I think that really debunks the idea that any of the volunteers caught
up in this were not wanted.



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