Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Re: giving people credit for their work

Good God find a new hobby. Why would you want to be part of a group that doesn't want you? This is why I left years ago.

On Wed, Apr 15, 2020, 03:32 Daniel Pocock <> wrote:

On 07/04/2020 21:28, Máirín Duffy wrote:
> Ar 4/7/20 2:58 PM, scríobh Daniel Pocock:
>> I'm also happy with a consensus to keep that out of Fedora.
> Please and thank you!

Nonetheless, Matt has :

a) made reference[1] to sites that are not even syndicated to Planet
Fedora (quote: "both of these blog posts seem to be removed from the
index ...")

b) indicated that content that is contentious under the CoC of some
other organization could be subject to Fedora's control[1] too (quote:
"we were reviewing a report we received about one of Daniel's blog posts")

Matt himself appears to be allowing the affairs of another organization
to come into Fedora.

If Fedora is guided by the decisions of cabals in other organizations,
then that makes discussion of those cabals relevant under the revised[2]
Planet policy.  I suspect that is not what people really hope for with
the new policy though.

That was imposed on this community by Debian.  My blogs may not be
interesting to some people but they were entirely proportionate to the
unethical experiments[3] on volunteers.  Please think about how it feels
for a volunteer when they have been contributing for more than 10 years
and they are subject to a blackmail-expulsion at Christmas[4].  Leaders
who do that to volunteers are tyrants, that is entirely accurate and
non-negotiable from my point of view.

Every other organization sees Christmas as a time to rest, thank people
and maybe give promotions, bonuses and pay rises.  I've never seen any
organization violate that, certainly not with a volunteer.  If Fedora is
going to make excuses for the people who did that in Debian then it is
almost as bad as Fedora deciding to also use Christmas for punishments.

Punishing volunteers at Christmas is not simply disrespectful and wrong:
as it violates an obvious time of rest, it is fair to call it harassment.

It is somewhat ironic that the CoC is used to justify harassment, it
proves that the CoC is not there to foster mutual respect, it is there
as a tool to control people.

On 20 July 2019, Sam Hartman sent an email asking to have my blog
censored from Planet Fedora.  He specifically referenced my blog post
about the elections.

25 July 2019, I received an email from Brian Exelbierd about a Pagure
ticket, #249 "Debian request re: Fedora Planet"

Matt, Brian: why did you hide those Hartman emails from me?  Why didn't
you tell him to contact me directly and sort out his issues like an
adult instead of spending his entire year as Debian Project Leader
sneaking around sending emails behind my back to everybody else who I
collaborate with?  I made several attempts to contact Hartman to arrange
a meeting and end this nonsense and he never replied.



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