Monday, April 6, 2020

Re: giving people credit for their work

On Mon, Apr 06, 2020 16:12:39 +0200, Jean-Baptiste Holcroft wrote:
> Le 2020-04-06 13:38, Amita Sharma a écrit :
> > It will be a nice way to say them "Hello, these tools exists and you
> > may want to use them to appreciate your fellow fedora members"
> +1, great actions are done on this subject.
> Wish: how do I send cookies to people not connected on IRC?
> I have seen significant wiki updates or translations done by translation
> contributors, but I have no idea how to thank them.

They don't have to be connected to IRC:
<FAS ID>++ should do it.

If they are on the IRC and have their nicks mentioned in FAS, then zodbot also tries to match their nicks, but FAS ID should always work.

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