Sunday, February 28, 2021

Re: Fedora Magazine - articles in a wider variety of langugages

Le 01/03/2021 à 06:48, Benson Muite a écrit :
> Hugo should be able to work with GitLab Pages (
> ) and/or GitHub Pages (
> ) Is one
> of these a reasonable place to put the first iteration? If not, where
> and how would the automation take place?

Fedora have an infrastructure working really well, we can use openshift
which we already use for many use cases and makes sure the tooling
remains fully under the control of our community.

For testing, we can easily use our spaces

> I can create a  theme similar to the one for the current magazine.
I published a new zip with the future Fedora Localization statistics:

The fedora magazine tooling will use the same technology.

Do you think you could add the Fedora style to this one? It would help a
lot the current change and it would allow us to anticipate the fedora
magazine internationalization.

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