Monday, March 1, 2021

Re: Fedora Magazine - articles in a wider variety of langugages

On 3/1/21 9:39 AM, Jean-Baptiste wrote:
> Le 01/03/2021 à 06:48, Benson Muite a écrit :
>> Hugo should be able to work with GitLab Pages (
>> ) and/or GitHub Pages (
>> ) Is one
>> of these a reasonable place to put the first iteration? If not, where
>> and how would the automation take place?
> Fedora have an infrastructure working really well, we can use openshift
> which we already use for many use cases and makes sure the tooling
> remains fully under the control of our community.
> For testing, we can easily use our spaces

>> I can create a  theme similar to the one for the current magazine.
> I published a new zip with the future Fedora Localization statistics:
> The fedora magazine tooling will use the same technology.
> Do you think you could add the Fedora style to this one? It would help a
> lot the current change and it would allow us to anticipate the fedora
> magazine internationalization.
Styling can be added. Current process has many manual components:
i) download code,
ii) install dependencies
iii) build site
iv) upload site
Need some CI integration so that the workflow becomes:
i) add article in webpage/repository,
ii) site gets built
iii) approve to display
iv) site gets displayed.
Is there a machine that can support this?
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