Thursday, April 15, 2021

[389-users] Re: dsctl healthcheck bug - or bad at least a bad resolution

> These entries look fine.  I'm assuming you are running this on a hub
> or consumer, is that correct?  Does it work correctly on the supplier
> replica?  I think the "nsslapd-state=referral on update" might be
> tripping up the healthcheck.

Yes I am using this as a hub. The same ldif I use to make the suffix I
use to make the suppliers and consumers, and they work fine (and dsctl
healthcheck says they are ok).  The setting of nsslapd-state was set by
the dsconf command I sent before. I checked a production hub I have
(which this one will eventually replace), and that is the correct setting.

Perhaps this is an issue with dsctl's healthcheck then.


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