Wednesday, May 4, 2022

[389-users] Re: 389ds External LDAP Authentication

Apologies for creating confusion.

My Problem statement:
I've a Server1 on which I've installed 389ds lets call it out as internal_ldap. I've installed Openstack on the same server and I'm integrating this internal_ldap as my ldap backend to Openstack Keystone( by which all the users of the ldap can use the Openstack.
I've an external_ldap(can be 389ds or openldap or any AD) on Server2. Now i've to integrate this external ldap also to my Openstack Keystone.

As my internal_ldap is already integrated with Openstack Keystone, if i can integrate both internal_ldap and external_ldap, then i thought users of external_ldap also also use Openstack.

So by integrating internal_ldap and external_ldap i think i can solve my problem

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