Wednesday, May 4, 2022

[fedora-arm] Fwd: [Test-Announce] Fedora 36 Candidate RC-1.5 Available Now!

Hey folks! Please see attached. Due to some late-breaking blockers and
fixes, we're now up to RC5 for F36 Final. Go/no-go is tomorrow. If
folks can help with testing, that'd be great.

Here's a quick summary of the changes between the RC composes:

RC1 -> RC2
gtk4-4.6.2-3.fc36 to fix #2071228
clevis-pin-tpm2-0.5.2-1.fc36 rust-tpm2-policy-0.6.0-1.fc36 to fix FTBFS

RC2 -> RC3
wpa_supplicant-2.10-4.fc36 to fix #2072070
tracker-miners-3.3.0-2.fc36 to fix #2079308
mutter-42.0-6.fc36 to fix #2081070
openssl-3.0.2-4.fc36 to fix #2069239
gzip-1.11-3.fc36 to fix #2073312
kernel-5.17.5-300.fc36 for #2080694
snapper-0.10.1-1.fc36 for FTBFS
selinux-policy-36.8-1.fc36 for #2065940
livecd-tools-30.0-1.fc36 for #2007045
xz-5.2.5-9.fc36 for #2080938
xdg-desktop-portal-1.12.4-1.fc36 for #2060990
sssd-2.7.0-1.fc36 for #2077856
gr-osmosdr-0.2.3-21.20210217gita100eb02.fc36 to fix FTBFS

RC3 -> RC4
firefox-100.0-2.fc36 for #2081488

RC4 -> RC5
sushi-41.2-1.fc36 for #2067969
gnome-photos-42.0-2.fc36 for #2079344 #2081291
aws-2020-7.fc36 matreshka-20.1-10.fc36 templates_parser-11.8.0-30.fc36 for FTBFS

So, RC3 had quite a lot of change in it. RC4 and RC5 are much more
limited. So we can count most tests from RC3 or later as being valid
for RC5; tests of Firefox, Nautilus and GNOME Photos should be re-

I have transferred results from RC3 and RC4 to RC5 in the matrix where
appropriate, leaving out things that are considered 'sanity tests'
(basic boot and install tests) which we try to run on every compose to
rule out some kind of cosmic bit-flip unexpectedly breaking an image.
So any spaces left on Basic/Beta/Final tests are ones we should try to

Special note on the Active Directory tests: it looks like tflink and
sgallagh ran these on RC1, thanks a lot. Since we did get a new sssd
between then and RC5 it would be *nice* if we could run them again, but
if not we can probably run with the RC1 results in the end.

Thanks again everyone!
Adam Williamson
Fedora QA
IRC: adamw | Twitter: adamw_ha

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