Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Hello, I'm Adaline!

Hello everyone

It's a pleasure to meet you all. My name is Adaline and my pronouns are they/she in English, and hen/ho in Norwegian (hen/hun if you're writing in Bokmål). My native languages are US English, Russian, and Western Armenian, though I have largely forgotten Armenian as a result of not using it and my Russian is a tad rusty.

I'm at a CEFR B2 level in Norwegian (according to my teachers, though I also have planned to take the national language test when I visit the country). I'm currently working on getting to a C-level. Nynorsk is the language I use day in and day out on my computer whenever an application supports it.

I decided to take a stab at contributing to translations for Fedora since I primarily use Nynorsk on my machine, and that includes the Fedora installations I run. I'd like to increase the translation surface of the Nynorsk localization.

While I have not been a contributor to Fedora before, I have been active in the OSS community broadly for a long time, off and on. I am a member of the Stylelint maintainer team, have several packages in the Node.js ecosystem that I maintain, and most recently have been behind Ordbok API (, a public, free, and open source GraphQL API for data from the Norwegian dictionaries. I am also the developer and maintainer of the Discord bot powering language-related functions for the Norwegian Language Learning community (

I am new to contributing translations and new to Weblate as well. I am most interested in contributing translations that appear most prominently in the desktop GUI experience on Workstation. However, admittedly, I may not know the best places to start. I've gone through the very helpful documentation for joining the internationalization effort, but admittedly it is also a lot of information to take in. If anyone has any pointers, I would be more than happy to hear them. :)

My Fedora Account username is adaline, and I have signed the CLA.


Adaline Simonian

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