Thursday, May 22, 2014

[389-devel] Please review: [389 Project] #47720: Normalization from old DN format to New DN format doesnt handel condition properly when there is space in a suffix after the seperator operator.

Description: DN normalizer (slapi_dn_normalize_ext) follows RFC 4514
and keeps a white space if the RDN attribute type is not based on the
DN syntax. But Directory server's configuration entry sometimes uses
"cn" to store a DN value (e.g., dn: cn="dc=A,dc=com",cn=mapping tree,
cn=config), which expects the value of cn treated as DN although cn
is not a DN syntax type. To solve the problem, this patch introduces
a configuration parameter "nsslapd-cn-uses-dn-syntax-in-dns" to "cn=
config" which takes "on" or "off". If "on" is set, if the value of
cn under "cn=config" is quoted, it's processed as DN. By default,
nsslapd-cn-uses-dn-syntax-in-dns: off

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