Friday, May 30, 2014

[fedora-virt] Create virt F20 on new physical /dev/sda -> OK; boot live F20 on /dev/sda now fails


For the last few versions of Fedora (x86_64) I have been going through
this process:

- install a new SATA drive as /dev/sda

- boot to the previous Fedora now on /dev/sdb

- create a new virtual system using the latest Fedora on the new
physical drive on /dev/sda

- get the new virtual Fedora on /dev/sda as ready as possible

- then re-boot to the new live system on /dev/sda

This process has been working fine for the last few versions but now for
going from F19 to F20 and booting on the new F20 the process stops at:

[OK] Reached target Paths
[OK] Reached target Basic System

I can still do a live boot on /dev/sdb and run the new F20 as a virt
machine using physical drive /dev/sda OK but it was a nice process to
reduce down time to be able to get the new Fedora as ready as possible
as a virtual machine and then reboot it as the live machine. Has
something changed that stops me doing this now?


Philip Rhoades

GPO Box 3411
Sydney NSW 2001
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