Saturday, May 31, 2014

Re: [fedora-arm] Booting A10 Device on F20

> I have successfully installed and booted
> Fedora-Xfce-armhfp-20-a10-1-sda.raw.xz from an SD card for a MK802ii using
> the script but it uses kernel 3.4.75 and so I don't get the
> modules I need for a DVB-T usb device.
> If I install Fedora-Xfce-armhfp-20-20140407-sda.raw.xz which uses the
> 3.11.10 kernel and has the required modules, it does not have the
> select-board script. The partitions _/ and _/boot are not recognised and so
> the device boots from Nand not the SD card.
> Is there a guide I can refer to for this installation?

We don't support Allwinner devices on F-20 because the MMC driver
isn't upstream. The select-board script is part of the AllWinner remix
and that is stuck on the 3.4 kernel. We do support AllWinner on
rawhide/3.15 but we don't currently have a DT for booting the mk802ii

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