Monday, May 26, 2014

Re: Fedora Forum

2014-05-24 9:42 GMT+02:00 Michael Simms <>:
> Hello, I cannot access the forums since yesterday evening and I believe it
> may be down. My router has been off in between so the dynamic ADSL would
> have been reset. I use Chrome browser and all it says is
> "Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to"
> No error codes.
> I tried asking what I believed to be a sensible question on the Fedora IRC
> this morning and got a stupid answer from one of the users saying there is
> no Fedora Forum and to just use the ask site instead. I have no time for
> that kind of thing. I just wanted to know a simple answer, was anyone else
> able to access the forum or not.
> So is the user community forum where I have received some very good advice
> and given feedback connected in any way at all to Fedora or not?
> Best regards
> Mike
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Hi Mike,
the answer you got om IRC is correct. The Fedoraproject has no forum, is not an official support forum, therefore we don't
maintain it. You should ask directly the maintainers of that forum.
We DO support/maintain and incourage instead.
There is nothing we can do about, and yes, it seems
down also to me if it is that what you wanted to know.
I hope this will give an answer to your doubts.

Robert Mayr
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