Friday, May 30, 2014

Re: Seems someone update the translation without join the team on transifex

2014-05-30 19:45 GMT+08:00 Dimitris Glezos <>:

It seems you are a member of team. You can check your status here:

We're investigating why your public profile does not list your team membership correctly.


Hi Dimitris,
I haven't received join requests from Chuan Ding and DefineFC. Every user join request will be sent to me through email. So in case they clicked the join button, I should have received the notification.  The most recent approve action made by me was in January this year. I didn't approve anyone after that.

BTW, this seems only happen in Fedora Project. I received a join request of transifex project today from user DefineFC.

I guess this have something to do with recent feature on teams in transifex. However I don't know how to make deep investigation.


Fedora Project Contributor

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