Monday, June 23, 2014

Re: [389-users] changing replication to use ssl

> We currently have 4 way multi-master replication running over port 389 but
> I need to secure it. In looking at what we have now, it looks to me like
> I can't edit the existing replication agreements but will have to make all
> new replication agreements - is this correct?
> I was looking at this doc
> to make sure I'm doing everything right and saw the highlighted note that
> says "Replication will not begin until the consumer is initialized". Do I
> need to initialize all of my ldap servers again, if they were in sync from
> the existing agreements?

It would be so awesome if I could read - farther down the page it
explicitly says that I do need to create new replication agreements, no
editing what is already there.

On this note - is there a way to disable the existing replication
agreement other than completely deleting it?

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