Thursday, June 19, 2014

Re: [fedora-virt] spice/qxl resolution setting?


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> I just installed a centos 6.5 virtual machine on my fedora 20 host.
> It works fine with spice/qxl, but insists it should come up
> in 1024x768 resolution.
> I can use the Display setting app inside centos to change
> the resolution to something more reasonable like 1600x900,
> but if I log off or reboot, it is back to 1024x768 again.
> Any way I can convince the virtual machine that the default
> resolution is 1600x900? My Windows KVM has no problem
> remembering the resolution I set in it.

Remembering the resolution is probably a feature of the desktop environment or window manager you are using. Which one are you using? In older versions of KDE (like what is in EL6), you might have to "save as default" after setting it. I'm not sure about anything else but can check if you give more information.

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