Friday, June 20, 2014

Re: [fedora-virt] spice/qxl resolution setting?


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> Looks like gnome to me. I just installed centos with the "desktop"
> installation selected.
> "Apply" and "OK" are the only two relevant buttons I see in
> the "Display" app I used for changing resolution, and I've
> definitely pressed both of those :-).

I tried both KDE and GNOME and neither of them in EL6 seems to save the settings. I could have sworn that KDE had a "save as default" option somewhere but I couldn't find it. Newer versions of those things do save the display settings I believe / hope. I don't think it is in issue on physical hardware because it'll use the max the hardware supports. In a VM, not so much.

Hopefully CentOS 7 will be out in the not too distant future and you can use that instead? :) I can tell you it does save the resolution settings.

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