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Re: [fedora-websites] #248: New website

#248: New website
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Comment (by robyduck):

Updating this ticket to write down the actual status for everyone:

First of all, branch is created and has already two (incomplete)
* brochure (which will be the domain page)
* workstation overview (which will take the user to other more specific

This will be the entry page for all Fedora users. As described above it
has the main download links and introduces the user to the three
On top of that page I created a basic dropdown menu with bootstrap, which
collpases to the classic mobile button when the width gets too small. The
menu needs probably some CSS, maybe we should ask design team how to
implement it the best way, I think it should be as unobtrusive as
possible. Also the collapsed button needs to be positioned, now it's
somewhere in the header...finally, as the menu will be used on every page,
we need to create a template for it, remember it's all html5.

'''Workstation''': (also Server and Cloud)[[br]]
The page shouldgo under (it's the index.html
page there). The best in my opinion would be to have 3 directories under where we can put all the pages needed for every single
product. We ''can and should'' use the same layout of the workstation
index page also for Cloud and Server, and we will use obviously shared
scripts and variables.

For example, under workstation we will have:
* other-downloads.html
* spins.html
* verify.html
* keys.html (probably we should share this specific page)
* prerelease.html

while under Server/ we will have:
* ARM.html
* verify.html
* ...

under Cloud/:
* public_services.html
* verify.html
* EC2_tutorial.html

In the end we need a new footer (shared and therefore as template) and we
need, once we'll have some content, to do I18n.

The contributor hub probably will be the last thing to do, but it's a
great work. I think we could start, if we are able to have a working
framework here, with a few hubs, to integrate step by step for other
groups. Mo is doing already the login page, so we will soon have a draft
of that too.[[br]]
The contributor hub could also go under, otherwise under (we'll make a redirect then).

The actual logos, which got the most feedback, will be:
Some of them in single images and the SVG are available at: (thanks duffy)

I hope I didn't forget anything, otherwise I'll add it here.

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