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[board] #8: Fedora Gear Store

#8: Fedora Gear Store
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(Migrating from a previous private ticket at

The idea of having a Fedora Gear Store is old and some attempts have
already been taken to make it happen (sadly without success, yet).

I would like to bring up this topic again as it would be a real benefit
for the project.

There are several ways to make it happen and I only want to give a few

1. A central Fedora Gear Store (located at e.g. driven by Red Hat, but allowing the Artwork
SIG to contribute new designs and extending the amount of different swag
compared to the Cool Stuff Store. The swag should be sold at cost price so
no budget re-funding to the project would be necessary. Sales statistics
should be published on a regular basis.

2. A community driven store like: with
fixed guidelines and rules. Artists could directly upload their design,
but it has to be proven by a project member who knows the trademark rules
very well.

3. Allow local ambassador groups to produce (and hand out) their own swag.
This is the direction Mozilla is targeting to, right now. The disadvantage
is, that it's quite hard to control the quality of the goods (which may
vary a lot, depending on the local producer.)

It's also hard to guarantee the the trademark guidelines are fulfilled,
but I think that responsible ambassadors could be briefed on that.

I hope that we could find a way to make this happen.



Last (substantial) comment on the private ticket was from spot, who said:

> We should revisit this idea. I think we can actually do something here.
I'll circle with Ruth on this.

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