Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Pablo Wagner - Spanish

My name is Pablo Wagner and I would like to participate in the L10N Fedora
Project, since I'm having a bit of extra time. I am from Argentina.
My FAS login name is "pablow" without quotes.
The language I'm willing to assist in is Spanish.
I'm currently a university student, Physics, Professor Grade.

I was trying to assist a friend with a Fedora Installation, he doesn't know a
thing about English, so I've realised that it would be nice to have all the
documentation available in Spanish; sure I'll reduce the burden with new
potential users and community members.

My current knowledge about computers include basic administration, some of
programming (I've studied two years of Information System Engineering Grade,
I've had to drop out). But I think I can invest my time better in helping with
the L10N Fedora project.

Since I'm new with all these stuff (I'm referring to contributing in a
community) I'm asking for a bit of patience if I have to learn anything new
about the work-flow. That being said, I think it's pretty easy to use

No more I could say about me besides what I've already said, but feel free to
ask any question and I'll to answer in the best way.

pub 4096R/DFDA5434 2013-12-06 Pablo Fabian Wagner Boian
Key fingerprint = 9C1B 9F2C D1DE F04C D5E4 C7A5 62A6 6A90 DFDA 5434
sub 4096R/64C93C30 2013-12-06

Thanks for your time.
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