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Re: [board] #8: Fedora Gear Store


It's time to offer again something that could be a solution. Here at
Hungary there is an company who has wide connections around the world
and we have already talked about with Jaroslav Reznik, back in Brno
Open House. The company itself is able to send anywhere in the world
(in huge percent WITHOUT any extra shipping) his products - and he
offers good quality stuffs (Myself seen also fridge magnets, and not
only clothes too, but the main profile is clothing). He is producing
high quality embroidered tshits, but other printing technics is

Company is called - and I have given out the owner
introduction to Jaroslav already, and Jiri Eismann has received an
tshirt sample if my memory serves well (yet there wasn't any feedback
from him). The site can accept tons of payment options, and the already operating with many open source communities
(Mint, Debian, local Unix HULUG, and many more). Gabor also offered 2
choice - one is that if somebody purchasing a store item, part of the
money goes back to the community in selectable form - one is money
(witch is not an option for us perhaps), and the another is an extra t
shirt (or any one more extra clothing item) that goes to the community
manager to share where it's needed.

Feel free to ask for more information, and I will forward to the owner
Gabor Kum.



PS: I would like to say also that would be a good option to not only
tshirt, else other companies like adafruit, arduino be presented in
our gears shop, in exchange of advertising or such. IMHO if those
companies are collecting eg. 1 extra dollar after every purchase and
collecting that amount they would be able to give away freely to our
community manager as for example - fedora contest prize, or event
support item. #brainstorming

What do you think?

2014-07-04 10:37 GMT+02:00 Jaroslav Reznik <>:
> ----- Original Message -----
>> Tom and I have talked to the relevant Red Hat people over the last few
>> months. (In the past, we've been told that this simply wasn't an option
>> because we couldn't take in money, and even selling it at cost wasn't OK.)
>> The good news is all we have to do now is pick a vendor, which in Red Hat
>> options pretty much means Staples or Brand Fuel. When I get back from
>> vacation next week, I'll move it up the to-do list to get contract options
>> from each about what our obligations would be and what they can offer.
> Would it be possible to get also wholesale offer from the vendor? So small
> vendors who'd like to sell Fedora branded swag would be able to order it
> for wholesale price and resell it? Over the time, I saw many requests to
> produce it (Board tickets, mails, web...). It's pretty clear we can't
> grant it and it would be a nice workaround. Do you want to sell Fedora
> stuff - go to Brand Fuel and order official gear for wholesale prices
> there you can resell then.
> Btw. it would be nice to have it also for Ambassadors - but I'm not sure
> how accounting would work in such case :(.
> Jaroslav
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