Thursday, July 10, 2014

Re: Transifex has become proprietary

As Marcelo just stated, we have had our struggles with Transifex. A while ago, we came up as the coordinators of the localization team in Brazil, having a wider understanding of what Transifex meant from above. It is really sad that we depend on it, for it is non-free software, but being really honest, there isn't any tool even close to it with regard to efficiency. It's by far the best collaborative translation tool in the world, and for that I have no doubt. In years of translating free sotware, I haven't had the opportunity to meet any other tool as good as Transifex is currently. However, in my humble opinion, freedom comes first, not convenience. So I'm really happy that we're discussing to switch to another tool, based on the fact that Transifex is not free software. It's important to mention we have used Zanata in the past and we still use it. It doesn't have the friendly interface of Transifex, but I don't really see a problem with Zanata.

Maybe the next step regarding freedom could be switching to a free kernel :-) It gives me hope.

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