Thursday, July 10, 2014

Re: Transifex has become proprietary

написане Thu, 10 Jul 2014 18:50:10 +0300, William Moreno

>> 2) Today we have a process for new translators extremely broken and
>> manual, very different from other teams, I'm part of Packager team where
>> process is very clear and integrated with Fedora infra. A new translator
>> need to follow these steps to be approved:
>> _
>> a_Fedora_Translator,
>> we can realize there is no integration of Transifex with our FAS,
>> Mailing
>> list, Badges and especially with our Wiki, I think it's more relevant to
>> the translation teams these issues than the interface.
> +1 I am looking than Zanata alow to login with FAS, since that, I think
> Zanata could work better with the de Fedora Infra :)


No objections about Zanata. Just two remarks:

1. Is it possible to configure email notifications for RH Zanata server?
It is hard to control large catalogs (similar to Fedora's one) without

2. Can we do the migration right after the next string freeze? It is hard
to test and update translations during such migrations (proven by Tx

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