Thursday, July 3, 2014

Re: What is success for Fedora?

2014-07-03 15:05 GMT+02:00 Josh Boyer <>:
> A note: Fedora cannot take direct financial contributions from others
> for legal reasons. The creation of a non-profit Fedora Foundation was
> looked into and decided against long ago. That won't change as far as
> I'm aware of, so we should probably avoid bringing that up again.
> We do have sponsors in the form of hosting, machines, and event
> sponsors I believe.
> josh

Debian has an interesting model: Debian itself has no legal entity,
but there is on the side a non-profit foundation to collect funding
and handle the trademark SPI (
They also receive funding from various local entities (ie: Debian
Switzerland & France)
We don't need the NPO to own Fedora or handle the trademark, just
collectings funds.

We could also bring a formal partnership program to encourage other
companies to publicize and further their work in Fedora.

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