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Re: What is success for Fedora?

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> > On 07/01/2014 10:47 AM, Miloslav Trmač wrote:
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> > >> Is Fedora simply a project to
> > >> create a Linux distribution, or is it something larger?
> > > … or something smaller instead?
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> > > These kinds of questions have a tendency to lead to answers that mostly
> > > expand the scope of what we should be achieving, making it more general,
> > > more vague, and more close to impossible to succeed.
> >
> > Not that I disagree, but do you have an example of an answer to the
> > question we should avoid?
> From a certain slashdotted blog post: 'In fact, these days GNOME describes
> itself as a "community that makes great software", which is as nondescript
> as you can get for software development.' is what first came to my mind as a
> counterexample. (Note: GNOME _doesn't_ describe itself that way any more.)

And this is actually the main thing we should focus. Successful project
(not only open source/community) has to aim far beyond technology. And you
know, we are all hackers, engineers, geeks etc. and we forget very often
there's that more. Our small problems are problems of the whole universe.

Based on above, success for Fedora for me is ability to balance technical
part with the other part. Is it hard to measure - yes, it is. Is it needed?
Yes, it is.

Actually there's simple metric - compare number of tech folks in Fedora
with other non tech positions :).


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