Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What is success for Fedora?

Something the Board has talked about recently is defining success for
Fedora. The project has often done this directly through our main
deliverable, which is shipping another Fedora release. We work hard
to create, test, and deliver a high quality Linux distribution. We
look at feedback and try and correct mistakes or oversights in the
next release. These are all fine things, and things that should
continue as we stride towards Fedora.next, but is that really defining
success for the project as a whole? Is Fedora simply a project to
create a Linux distribution, or is it something larger?

Our Four Foundations speak to the bedrock that Fedora is built on and
provide guidance in decision making for specific instances. Yet we
seem to rarely stand back and evaluate how Fedora as a project is
doing. Are we achieving some manner of success in promoting those
Foundations? Should we be striving for that? Is it even measurable?
If so, how?

The Board is starting this thread to have an earnest discussion around
what people see "success" being for the Fedora project. Hopefully the
Board members will chime in with their own thoughts soon, but we want
to get as many ideas around this as possible. Hopefully this
discussion will help the Board, and the community as a whole, gather
some insight as to where we think Fedora is, where it should be
heading, and what we should be doing to get it there.


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