Friday, September 23, 2016

back to the "incubator brand" discussion: reviving Playground

Okay, so, after talking with a number of people and thinking for a
while, I think we should go ahead with creating a label that people can
use for things which are done in Fedora, in line with Fedora's basic
mission and values — but not necessarily perfect, and not necessarily
up to our generally high standards all around. See

I remembered the idea I pitched at DevConf several years ago: Fedora
Playground.* This was initially to be a repository for "ugly" RPMs, but
in thinking about it now, I figure: why not make it wider than that (as
a lot of innovation is going to be happening in areas outside of RPM,
anyway)? Let's promote the term as a label for anything new, crazy, pr
exciting that we want to let under our umbrella without diluting our
reputation for high standards.

Unless anyone has objections, I'll create some short descriptive
documentation (which may also contain references to how to get started
easily — like, how to get a Fedora infra cloud instance, etc.), and ask
Fedora Design to make a logo.

* I don't remember if I invented this or if I picked it up from
someone. Let me know if it was you. :)

Matthew Miller
Fedora Project Leader
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