Thursday, September 8, 2016

[council] #65: Create standard operating procedure for how treasurers interact with budget

#65: Create standard operating procedure for how treasurers interact with budget
Reporter: jflory7 | Owner:
Status: new | Priority: major
Component: General | Keywords: budget
'''Prenote''': Another form of this ticket is also filed in the
[ fedora-budget] repository as
[ fedora-budget#18].

= Problem =

It is unclear how Ambassador regional treasurers are expected to interact
and participate in reporting expenses with regards to the Fedora Budget.

= Analysis =

A lot of work was done in setting up this repository as a method for
publicly tracking expenses. I think using Pagure is an effective solution
and if properly taken care of, it will be an effective tool for us. But
right now, there is no clear information for how a treasurer is expected
to contribute to this repository or what the expectations even are.

A high priority item for this should be to create a standard operating
procedure (SOP) either as a separate DOC or in the README about '''what'''
treasurers will do with this repository, '''how''' they are expected to
contribute information, and maybe any details / information about
'''when''' this information is expected each fiscal year.

I think it's important that the Council helps take charge and action on
this to help maintain a healthy, active, and maintained version of the
Fedora budget. I see a lot of work that was put into this and I'm fearful
that it will be forgotten / left behind until it reaches a point where it
might be easier to start all over again with a different solution.

= Implementation =

1. Understand how treasurers reported this information in the past for
background context
2. Discuss with treasurers / regional representatives about how to help
make it easier to contribute this information and what their needs are
3. Begin drafting a first set of guidelines for how to contribute to the
fedora-budget repository
4. Share and put to vote with the Fedora Council
5. Begin following this SOP for all future engagements in this repository

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