Thursday, September 15, 2016

[council] #67: Community domain request for

#67: Community domain request for
Reporter: zerng07 | Owner:
Status: new | Priority: normal
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Hi everyone,

My friend, ID as freedomknight (mail: ,
real name as 陳貴鑫 Gui-Xin Chen), who is also a Fedora ambassador has had
hosted a local community noncommercial forum titled "Fedora 中文論壇"
which means "Fedora Chinese Forum" for Chinese (Taiwan) (zh-tw) users to
promote, share and to discuss issues on Fedora. He bought the domain name
"" about one year more ago, and run a Discourse forum site.
However, I recently found that if we want to run a site with fedora
trademark for a self-purchased domain, we have to contact Council before
we did it.[1] Threfore, we would like to ask for the permission for this
trademark usage hereby.

We used "Fedora Taiwan" logo of Fedora Taiwan community which was made by
design team on the forum to indicate this is a local community site. "This
site is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Fedora Project" declaration
was added to the bottom footer of every page to inform the readers. We
will be responsible for all the costs for the domain registration.

Names of the team: Fedora Taiwan community
Name of the person who owns the domain: freedomknight (mail: , real name as 陳貴鑫 Gui-Xin Chen)
Services that will be offered through the domain: local community forum

We would like to solve this legal issue sincerely, please help and guide
us what the next step we should do.


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