Sunday, September 11, 2016

L10N after Contributors and Coordinators, let's go deeper

Dear coordinators,

We have two clear L10N roles :

* Contributor

* Team coordinator

I now suggest to clarify one last one, the role of the people having
special helping the global coordination.
This role is actually held by a few people : mainly by Noriko Mizumoto,
but maybe also Alex Aeng and Piotr Drąg?.

Why would I want to give them an "official title" ?
I want to have more description on the wiki about people to reach to
answer/solve wider problems/questions.

Typical use cases :
* I want to take coordinator role of a team but the previous
coordinator do not answer anymore
* I want to change content on Zanata (like groups, welcome page)
* I need administrator help on trans@ mailing list
* I need administrator help on FAS groups
* I want to add a new language

Those people are administrator of our tools, to help as superpower
people when coordinators are stuck.

This role is not in competition with the group decision management we
have : every coordinator has the possibility to assists G11N meetings
and L10N meetings, to share ideas, lead projects, organize events,
improve process, make communications.

I aim to keep the inverted pyramid logic and suggest ***L10N Pillars***.
Pillars < Coordinators < Translators.

Please give your feedback about this proposal before September 25th.
Btw, if this role is agreed, I will ask design team to make a little
image for each roles on the wiki.

Thanks for your help,

Jean-Baptiste Holcroft
trans mailing list

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