Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Re: All Fedora 25 Translation sprint participants are awarded with badge.

On 20 September 2016 at 19:06, Marcel Ribeiro Dantas <ribeirodantasdm@gmail.com> wrote:
2016-09-20 5:32 GMT-03:00 Sylvia Sánchez <lailahfsf@gmail.com>:
I can write a report, I'm finished with Magazine's articles at the moment so I have time to write more stuff.  If you tell me where I can find some interesting info, I'll do so.  Also I would like to know if there's any deadline for the article to be published.

Hi Sylvia!

How are you doing?

I think it'd be nice to interview some people who contributed during the sprint and get their motivations and opinions regarding the FAD. That could be such a nice thing for newcomers to read. I suggest interviewing, among others, at least one brazilian translator who participated in the sprint, since brazilians had such a remarkable performance in the sprint :-)

+1 liked the idea. May be couple of lines from top 3 contributors.



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