Friday, September 23, 2016

Re: [council] #70: Need official list of sub-projects

#70: Need official list of sub-projects
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Comment (by jflory7):

Replying to [comment:8 mattdm]:
> Maybe that list could even be automated — there could be a "last group
activity" counter triggered off of fedmsg activity related to the group,
for example. Like, this trac ticket shows that the council still is a
thing. And IRC meetings, mailing list posts (that aren't spam), etc.
> Or each group could have a designated lead or coordinator and it'd be
their responsibility to respond to an email every Fedora release affirming
that the group is Still A Thing.

For what it's worth, I'm pretty sure I've seen the basics of this
implemented in Hubs. You can look at the hub for a sub-project / team /
group / SIG/ $YOUR_PREFERRED_WORD_HERE, and there is an indicator at the
top saying how long ago this team was active based on fedmsg events (and
also a warning saying that there hasn't been activity here for a while if
the hooks haven't been triggered for some time).

I think Sayan, Mo, or another Hubs dev could probably offer more on that
if needed.

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