Thursday, September 22, 2016

Re: [council] #70: Need official list of sub-projects

#70: Need official list of sub-projects
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Comment (by smooge):

This might be not what Bex was meaning, but this was my first idea on the
problems of 'official' recognition. In many countries, saying something is
'officially' sponsored has multiple legal and cultural implications:

* The sponsoring agency will give it legal protection. [Lawyer fees are
* The sponsoring agency will give it monetary protection. [Debts are
* The sponsoring agency will support the program as best as possible in
keeping it active. [Recruitment etc]

The subparts have a feudal relationship to the recognizer, and as long as
they are 'loyal' are expected to be 'protected' by their overpart.

In the US and some other countries, the general population have different
views of this, but the legal system in some are still set up to recognize
that saying something is 'official' or not has these obligations. This is
why various organizations are very very careful in labeling things
official or not. It isn't that they are stiffling innovation, it just
means that they are on the hook in saying it whether they knew or not.

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