Thursday, September 22, 2016

Re: [council] #70: Need official list of sub-projects

#70: Need official list of sub-projects
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Comment (by mattdm):

I'm not sure if the old process was ever really followed. If so, it
certainly fell out of practical use and kind of got forgotten and people
just started... working together and doing stuff. That's not really bad -
but it is bad when things stop being active but still look like they're a
going concern.

Maybe instead we need a list of *active* projects rather than *official*

Maybe that list could even be automated — there could be a "last group
activity" counter triggered off of fedmsg activity related to the group,
for example. Like, this trac ticket shows that the council still is a
thing. And IRC meetings, mailing list posts (that aren't spam), etc.

Or each group could have a designated lead or coordinator and it'd be
their responsibility to respond to an email every Fedora release affirming
that the group is Still A Thing.

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