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Re: [council] #70: Need official list of sub-projects

#70: Need official list of sub-projects
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Comment (by jwboyer):

Replying to [comment:5 bex]:
> I understand your concerns Josh. I also was implying parts of your
points smooge. I am less concerned with FAS groups (though in some cases
they may be problematic) and I am not trying to strip anyone of a vote.
Rather, I am thinking of two goals:
> 1) Being able to point people toward groups working in Fedora

That's orthogonal to any kind of "official" status. It's mostly on the
groups themselves to advertise, organize, and grow their SIG. Put another
way, if they are working on a particular area it should be fairly evident
they are doing so. If it isn't, then I would question how sustainable
their activities are.

> 2) Determine who is allowed to ask for Budget, officially represent us,
etc. When we talked about opening up the budget process to try and allow
for greater input, I seem to recall there being a requirement that you be
a recognized sub-project.

I don't recall that requirement, but I would suggest that anyone can ask
for budget. We reserve the right to tell anyone "no", including FESCo or
Edition workgroups. Clearly we're going to factor in the effort that has
already been done into those requests. What I would hate to have happen
is something truly innovative being killed because we denied the budget
needed to take it from niche to a spectacular success story for Fedora
simply because it wasn't "official".

> The wiki hints at a process to become a SIG, etc. If we have this kind
of a process then it implies that some groups have completed it and some
groups are in process and others have not started. I think we just need
to bring some definition.


> Lastly, I would like to consider trying to codify this information
somewhere other than in the Wiki. It is a long term goal and a project I
am not even ready to outline as a request for comments yet.

I'd be interested in hearing more about that.

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